#BTStravel is an alternative travel series. This is a travel podcast series focusing on the wild and weird aspects of life on the road. BTS Travel features interviews with some of the most popular bloggers on the web sharing their travel tales. 

EPISODE 1: Earl of Wanderingearl.com talks to us about his time in North Korea. We chat about propaganda, the North Korean nightlife and much more. Julie of Mytravelconfessions.com and author of "Travel, Sex & Train Wrecks" sharesher worst places to pee and Darren of Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking joins us to chat about cycling The Worlds Most Dangerous Road in La Paz, Bolivia (Check  www.gravitybolivia.com for more details). All of this and much more!

Listen! Love! Share! Laugh! Learn?


EPISODE 2: Paul Keany was caught smuggling half a million euros' worth of cocaine out of Venezuela, he was sentenced to eight years in the notorious Los Teques prison outside Caracas. Paul spoke about his time in the infamous prison. You can purchase Paul's book "The Cocaine Diaries" here... Anthony of The Travel Tart shares a selection of the weirdest foods that he has eaten on his travels and Wade of Crocosaurus Cove talks Crocs, Crocosaurus Cove & The Cage of Death



EPISODE 3: Julie of Mytravelconfessions.com is originally from a nice suburb in California. She got bitten by the travel bug and has been traveling for six years. While teaching in Taiwan, Julie's ten year marriage fell apart and she suddenly found herself single with no idea what she wanted to do with her life. Julie tells her story of getting over her ex-husband and some high (and low) lights of single life and sex on the road. You can purchase her wonderful book: "Travel, Sex & Train Wrecks" here. Amaya of World Biking, is on a quest to cycle every country on the planet and shares some of the worst places that she has cycled and Phillip of MigFlug explains how he can help you tick something off your bucket list by flying a jet fighter. 

Yum. Sounds tasty, no?


EPISODE 4: Gunnar of www.garfors.com is conducting research through visits to all 198 countries of the world. Gunnar spoke to us about some of the least traveled places on the globe. The interview was inspired by a superb blog post "25 Least Visited Countries in the World". The most visited of those has 73,000 foreign tourists in a year, the least visited less than 200. From Nauru to Somalia and Afghanistan, Gunnar gives us the low down on some of the least visited countries in the world. Earl of Wanderingearl.com returns to discuss some of the dumbest things that he has done on the road and David of Dinner in the Sky explains the HIGHS of eating suspended 50 metres above ground. 

Bon Appetit!



EPISODE 5: Amaya is one half of Worldbiking.info. World Biking are on a quest to bicycle through every country on the planet. WorldBiking began in June 2006 as a 30 country/30,000 kilometer ride through Africa and nowthey’ve cycledmore than 120,,000 kilometers through 93 countries on all six permanently inhabited continents. Amaya shares some tales from the road and if she can cycle with no hands. Turner of Aroundtheworldin80jobs.com discusses some of the worst jobs that he has done around the globe and Kirsty of Peta.org.uk on why we should drop trousers and run through the streets of Pamplona with the Running of the Nudes

I know you may be TYRED but this episode is WHEELY good.



EPISODE 6: Rocco of Sexholidayasia.com gives us the low down on sex tourism in South East Asia. Is it exploitation or are we just uptight? Shannon of Alittleadrift.com shares the best places that she has broken bread and Derren of Urban Rush is throwing us out the window of the 17th floor of a hotel. Standard, really. 

Don't look down but have a listen!



EPISODE 7: Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas folks! This very festive episode of #BTStravel speaks with Turner of Aroundtheworldin80jobs.com about some of his more memorable jobs and his experiences with an intellectual copyright case. Amaya of Worldbiking.info rejoins us to fill us with festive cheer by sharing some of the random acts of kindness that she has experienced while on the road and Tessa, a child protection specialist based in South East Asia asks us to think before we volunteer. Check out Orphanage.no for more information. Orphanage.no is made by people who prefer to stay anonymous and is not associated with Tessa. 

Have a listen and more importantly, have a great Christmas and even better New Year. #BTStravel is back in 2014!


EPISODE 8: When 3 weeks turns into 2 and a half months....sorry about that BUT we return and return with a BANG. The Naughty Nomad talks Somali Pirates, Suicide Bombers and Mogadishu. Becki of Backpackerbecki.com shares her 5 wildest adventures and Karina talks to us about Wife Carrying

It's good to be back! I promise that I will not leave you alone for so long again. 


EPISODE 9: Jamie had some awful luck with men so she decided to move to New Zealand after reading that the country’s population has 100,000 fewer men.  Unfortunately, her luck with the opposite sex followed her down under. Jamie documented her hilarious and unfortunate experiences in  "Getting Rooted in New Zealand" and talks about of these memorable experiences with us. Michael Hodson of Goseewrite.comshares his top 5 train routes and Lena of Go! Running Tours explains why the best way to see a city is to run right through it! 

I feared I would never get over my St. Patrick's Day hangover.


EPISODE 10: "You told us, Brian. You told us that you would be back." Brian returns with a BANG! Better late than never? The Queen of travel podcasting begs for your forgiveness. Take this wonderful episode as his way of saying sorry. This week, we travel to the Earth's southernmost continent with Jonny Blair of DontStopLiving.net. Jonny explains how he ended up there and how he spent his days. It is a very COOL story. Mark of NaughtyNomad.com returns to the show to give us the run down of the most dangerous cities that he has visited (and a bonus piece at the very end). We have had some wonderful accents and voices on this show but maybe the smoothest voice that you will ever hear, Gordon explains why you are never too old to enjoy http://www.triketoursscotland.com/

Apologies for the gap. Won't happen again.


EPISODE 11: Congratulations to Brian for barely getting this week's episode out. Becki of Backpackerbecki.comreturns to drop a knowledge bomb on us all. Becki explains the history of Myanmar and about her time there. Paul of ALuxuryTravelBlog.com makes us all feel bad about places that we cannot afford and Sam of TriBeijing.com introduces us a new way to see Beijing.

It was one of the greatest struggles ever, but I managed to remove a finger from my backside and edit it up this bad boy. It sounds fairly delicious, if I do say so myself! 


EPISODE 12:  Brian returns with his head hung low but the quality of guests quickly raised his spirits. On this week's show, Shannon from ALittleAdrift.com brightens up our day by explaining what grass roots travel is and shares some of her memorable stories. Brad from MyWanderlist.com scares the living daylights out of us with his most worst travel scenarios. We finish the show on a similar fearful vibe with Dwight of SharkDiving.co.

This is unfortunately the final one in the series. I will be returning with many more podcasts on my website and I shall be creating more travel podcasts with the wonderful people of World Travel Guide. 

How fun? See you all later, rockstars.