Episode 12: Grass Roots Travel, Worst Travel Scenarios & Shark Diving

The final episode of the series. How desperately sad. Cheer up. You will learn to love again. This was just one podcast. There are many more podcasts out there. Plus I shall return. Unfortunately, my travel podcast will not be travel related. It is going to be absolutely mental though. I promise you will love it. You will get your travel podcast fix. 

"Where? Where can I get my travel podcast fix?".  - I hear you cry. Patience, young one. I have teamed up with the amazing people at World Travel Guide to create a podcast series with them. It is easily some of the best work that I have done and I am excited for you to witness it. But not yet. You must wait. It will be coming your way November '15. 

Anyway, this episode. The always incredibly lovely Shannon from ALittleAdrift.com returns once more to chat all things grass roots travel. The brilliant Brad of MyWanderlist.com makes us never want to travel again with his worst travel scenarios. After that terrifying ordeal, Dwight of SharkDiving.co attempts to explain why we should pay the jump in a cage and swim with Great White Sharks. 


Episode 11: Myanmar, Most Luxurious Places & Beijing Sidecar Motorcycle Tours

The second last episode of the series. How sad. Only sad for a few minutes before Backpackerbecki.com enlightens and educates us. Becky explains why Myanmar means so much to her. From rural Myanmar to super yachts. Paul of ALuxuryTravelBlog.com lets us know about some of the most luxurious places that he has been to. Writing for a luxury travel blog must be the best job ever. Maybe I should set up a luxury travel podcast. I am unsure if I would be able to talk about bowel movements as frequently. So, no deal. 

So, you get to a new city. What do you do? An open top tour bus? Find the local Irish bar? Teach the locals how to karaoke? Naturally. However, Sam has an interesting way for us to see Beijing. Next time that you are in Beijing, be sure to check out TriBeijing.com

Episode 10: Antarctica, Most Dangerous Cities & Trike Tours Scotland


Another really enjoyable podcast episode. Am I able to compliment my own podcasts? I think so. I am interviewing other people so I am more complimenting them, no? Anyway, that is not necessarily important. We can discuss at a later date. Johnny Blair's DontStopLiving.netis one of the greatest websites around. Some of the things this dude has done is absolutely surreal and talks about one of them on the show. Antarctica, is not somewhere that you thought you could backpack to but he did it. Johnny explains how and what is was like upon arrival. 

The NaughtyNomad.com returns once more to inform us of some of the most dangerous cities that he has been to. I can't imagine any cities from Antarctica made the cut, but I don't want to give any spoilers away. Here at BTStravel, we always focus on the super exotic and bizarre destinations but this week I thought it would bring it home to my Scottish brothers. Gordon of www.triketoursscotland.com explains why in the highlands, you gotta ride with him. I, of course, ask the question; "anything weird ever happen?".

Episode 9: Getting Rooted in New Zealand, Best Train Routes & Running Tours

This is a truly light hearted and funny episode of BTStravel. This should make you warm and fuzzy on the inside. Jamie wrote a brilliant book about "Getting Rooted in New Zealand". She was desperate to escape the dating world and real life in the US, so headed down under to New Zealand where there are 100,000 less men then women. Jamie kindly shares some of her hilariously unfortunate dating experiences that drove her down under, and of course, more misfortunes upon arrival. 

Michael of Goseewrite.com is one of the coolest bloggers around. I adore his writing. Michael set off in 2008 to circle the planet. Without ever leaving the ground. Michael gives us the best train routes of his journey so far. To finish, we get the endorphins pumping. When we go on holiday, we tend to eat and drink too much. Sounds glorious, eh? However, we come back dying for a workout. We can escape the post holiday guilt with Go! Running Tours

Episode 8: Inside Mogadishu, Wildest Adventures & Wife Carrying Contest

Welcome back to this very dangerous episode of BTStravel. You must have a taste for adventure, you wild child. The  Naughty Nomad is worryingly mad for war zones. He cannot get enough of it. The NN ventured to one of the most dangerous cities in the world, Mogadishu and his experience is so intense. Somali Pirates and suicide bombers are all included. Woof. 

Heart is racing so we keep up the pace with  Backpackerbecki.com. Becki shares her wildest adventures from her life on the road. Naturally, we have to something f**king weird in an episode and we do not disappoint. We never do. We zip off to Canada to learn how to pick up women. And not in the classic sense of the term. Karina chats to us about Wife Carrying

Episode 7: Around the World in 80 Jobs, Random Acts of Kindness & Think Before you Volunteer


This episode is awwwwweeeeesssssooooommmmmeeee. Well, they all are. But this in particular, is so class. Turner of Aroundtheworldin80jobs.com is a complete legend. His website is killer and he as a dude, is just brilliant. A really enjoyable interview. Turner has worked some really weird and wonderful jobs. Turner gives us the low down on some of his high and lowlights. Randomly, we get into a fascinating discussion about an intellectual copyright case that he found himself in. Y'see, this website is not all about weird stuff and bowel movements, we also touch on topics like intellectual copyright. 

Amaya of Worldbiking.info loved her podcast experience so much that she returns to bring the joy. Amaya is on a mission to cycle all around the world and has met plenty pf people along the way. She lets us know about some of the random acts of kindness that she has received on her journey. We end the show with something much more serious than usual. An issue that is very important to me and one that we should all heed when thinking about doing voluntary work. Child protection specialist, Tessa joins the show to let us know about the dark secrets behind the emerging industry that is voluntourism. Feast your eyes on Orphanage.no. Tessa is in no way affiliated with the site. She merely recommended all my readers & listeners have a look at it. 

Episode 6: Meet a Sex Tourist, Places to Break Bread & Urban Rush


Did you ever cycle down the shops and think; "This is great. I should do this all the time. And all around the world.". Yeah, me neither. Eric & Amaya had that exact thought and are now on a quest to cycle every country on the planet. Ok, maybe they didn't have that EXACT thought but I am paraphrasing. Amaya joins BTSTravel to explains the highs and lows of cycling through every country and shares some of her more memorable experiences on two wheels. Keep up to date with Eric & Amaya on WorldBiking.info

We have all had those terrible jobs that make us question our life. Mine was while working for Domino's Pizza. I had a pair of horrendous bosses and the Domino's Pizza hat did not fit on my head. I have a big head but that is not the point of this particular podcast. Turner of the awesome Around The World in 80 Jobs shows us some of the less glamorous and glorious jobs that he has done throughout his nomadic life. 

And to finish the podcast, we get our c**k and t**s out. What a way to end? Kirsty from Peta educates us on why running with the bulls in Pamplona is lame. We should stop running with the bulls and run naked instead. Being naked is much more fun than killing of bulls. See how you can help save bulls by Running of the Nudes


Episode 4: Least Visited Countries, Dumbest Things Done on the Road & Dine in the Sky

Do you ever lie awake at night wondering what it is like to visit East Timor, Turkmenistan and South Sudan as a tourist? Probably not but you are definitely interested. Gunnar wrote one of favourite ever travel articles "The 25 Least Visited Countries in the Whole Wide World". Like a big auld ledge bag, Gunnar comes on the podcast to share his experiences from some of these countries. It is perfect for people who are too stupid to read his brilliant article and just want to listen to the highlights. Don't worry Stupid. I have your back. 

The amazing Wandering Earl returns to the podcast and risks all the respect that he earned from his previous performance. Earl lets us in on some of the dumbest things done on the road. We love you Earl, but use your head. We don't want to lose you. To finish the episode, we sprinkle a tad of class. You classless swines will probably stop listening at this point. For the cultured ones who remain, allow David from Dinner in the Sky to indulge us in the benefits of desert suspended in the sky. That sounds like a HIGHlight. 

I'll get my coat. 

Episode 3: Single Life & Sex on the Road, Worst Places to Cycle & Pilot a Fighter Jet


We have a very raunchy podcast for you this week. And an absolutely mental one. This is easily one of the most brutally honest pieces that I have done to date. And an absolutely hilarious one. Julie Morey was a well behaved young lady and married for over 10 years to a man she deeply loved. They lived happily ever after and everything was lovely. Wouldn't that make a terribly boring podcast? Julie's marriage ended and she hit the road to sow some wild oats. There were many oats sold. Julie shells out a variety of mishaps that can occur when pursuing the opposite sex whilst on the road. 

Amaya of WorldBiking.info is on an amazing quest to cycle all over the world. Instead of asking "where is the most beautiful place to cycle?", we go straight for the dirt with the worst places to cycle. I can imagine after cycling through a crazy downtown Tokyo that I would be eager to stop cycling, and grab a bus. Not Amaya though! 

This week's activity that wraps up the episode is fairly incredible. Imagine flying a fighter jet? MigFlug offers you that exact opportunity. A terrifying fun fact? You don't need any pilot experience. Philip kindly explains why this is a fun and enjoyable activity to do in your spare time...

Episode 2: The Cocaine Diaries, Weirdest Foods & Crocosaurus Cove


'It won't happen to me. That's what I thought when I got on the plane to Venezuela. But it did - I got caught.'

Sh*t gets real in the second episode of BTSTravel. In October 2008, Ireland was crippled by an economic disaster. Thousands of businesses suffered and Paul Keany's was no different. Paul's plumbing business was in serious trouble and he needed some cash. Quick. Desperate times means desperate measures. Paul agreed to smuggle six kilos of cocaine from Venezuela into Ireland. Paul was arrested in Caracas with a street value of €500,000 in his suitcase. He was then taken to one of South America's infamous prisons, Los Teques. Paul shares his nightmare tales of drugs, riots, rape, beatings, murders and kidnapping from his time in the prison. You can purchase Paul's incredible memoirs here.

After a harrowing opener, we lighten the mood with the hilarious Anthony of thetraveltart.com. Anthony walks us through some of the weirdest foods that he has sampled on his travels. Anthony briefly breaks up the terror before we throw you right back into it by taking you down under with Crocosaurus Cove.

Keep your emails flying in to the show! Always a delight to hear from you all. Unless you are going to say something mean. Then, you do not need to email me. 

Episode 1: North Korea, Worst Places to Pee & The World's Most Dangerous World

BTS Travel begins with a delicious bang. Earl of WanderingEarl.com joined me to discuss all things North Korea. Earl is easily one of my favourite travel bloggers. Some of the things that he has experienced are incredible. I highly highly recommend reading his stuff. There is a healthy amount of laughs spread throughout the site. On Earl's travels, he ventured to one of the world's most secretive states, North Korea. We discuss his time there. What is it like? Is it really THAT bad? What are the people of North Korea like and is it ethically right to go there? 

Toilet talk was always a very important part of my travels. While on the road, sometimes you have to relieve yourself in some less than ideal places. Julie of MyTravelConfessions.com kindly shares some of the worst places that she has urinated. Look, when you gotta go. 

To finish the debut show of the new series, let me take you to La Paz, Bolivia. In 1995 the Inter-American Development Bank christened the North Yungas Road, the "world's most dangerous road". It is very difficult to find accurate figures about the road but many estimates state that 200-300 travellers are killed yearly. What a terrifying road. However, thousands of tourists flock to Bolivia to cycle the road. Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking are one of the companies that organise cycle tours through "Death Road". Darren of Gravity explains why so many people cycle the route and discusses some of his more memorable experiences while running the tours. You can read about how I left my mark on the World's Most Dangerous Road here.