Episode 1: North Korea, Worst Places to Pee & The World's Most Dangerous World

BTS Travel begins with a delicious bang. Earl of WanderingEarl.com joined me to discuss all things North Korea. Earl is easily one of my favourite travel bloggers. Some of the things that he has experienced are incredible. I highly highly recommend reading his stuff. There is a healthy amount of laughs spread throughout the site. On Earl's travels, he ventured to one of the world's most secretive states, North Korea. We discuss his time there. What is it like? Is it really THAT bad? What are the people of North Korea like and is it ethically right to go there? 

Toilet talk was always a very important part of my travels. While on the road, sometimes you have to relieve yourself in some less than ideal places. Julie of MyTravelConfessions.com kindly shares some of the worst places that she has urinated. Look, when you gotta go. 

To finish the debut show of the new series, let me take you to La Paz, Bolivia. In 1995 the Inter-American Development Bank christened the North Yungas Road, the "world's most dangerous road". It is very difficult to find accurate figures about the road but many estimates state that 200-300 travellers are killed yearly. What a terrifying road. However, thousands of tourists flock to Bolivia to cycle the road. Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking are one of the companies that organise cycle tours through "Death Road". Darren of Gravity explains why so many people cycle the route and discusses some of his more memorable experiences while running the tours. You can read about how I left my mark on the World's Most Dangerous Road here.