Episode 10: Antarctica, Most Dangerous Cities & Trike Tours Scotland


Another really enjoyable podcast episode. Am I able to compliment my own podcasts? I think so. I am interviewing other people so I am more complimenting them, no? Anyway, that is not necessarily important. We can discuss at a later date. Johnny Blair's DontStopLiving.netis one of the greatest websites around. Some of the things this dude has done is absolutely surreal and talks about one of them on the show. Antarctica, is not somewhere that you thought you could backpack to but he did it. Johnny explains how and what is was like upon arrival. 

The NaughtyNomad.com returns once more to inform us of some of the most dangerous cities that he has been to. I can't imagine any cities from Antarctica made the cut, but I don't want to give any spoilers away. Here at BTStravel, we always focus on the super exotic and bizarre destinations but this week I thought it would bring it home to my Scottish brothers. Gordon of www.triketoursscotland.com explains why in the highlands, you gotta ride with him. I, of course, ask the question; "anything weird ever happen?".