Episode 11: Myanmar, Most Luxurious Places & Beijing Sidecar Motorcycle Tours

The second last episode of the series. How sad. Only sad for a few minutes before Backpackerbecki.com enlightens and educates us. Becky explains why Myanmar means so much to her. From rural Myanmar to super yachts. Paul of ALuxuryTravelBlog.com lets us know about some of the most luxurious places that he has been to. Writing for a luxury travel blog must be the best job ever. Maybe I should set up a luxury travel podcast. I am unsure if I would be able to talk about bowel movements as frequently. So, no deal. 

So, you get to a new city. What do you do? An open top tour bus? Find the local Irish bar? Teach the locals how to karaoke? Naturally. However, Sam has an interesting way for us to see Beijing. Next time that you are in Beijing, be sure to check out TriBeijing.com