Episode 12: Grass Roots Travel, Worst Travel Scenarios & Shark Diving

The final episode of the series. How desperately sad. Cheer up. You will learn to love again. This was just one podcast. There are many more podcasts out there. Plus I shall return. Unfortunately, my travel podcast will not be travel related. It is going to be absolutely mental though. I promise you will love it. You will get your travel podcast fix. 

"Where? Where can I get my travel podcast fix?".  - I hear you cry. Patience, young one. I have teamed up with the amazing people at World Travel Guide to create a podcast series with them. It is easily some of the best work that I have done and I am excited for you to witness it. But not yet. You must wait. It will be coming your way November '15. 

Anyway, this episode. The always incredibly lovely Shannon from ALittleAdrift.com returns once more to chat all things grass roots travel. The brilliant Brad of MyWanderlist.com makes us never want to travel again with his worst travel scenarios. After that terrifying ordeal, Dwight of SharkDiving.co attempts to explain why we should pay the jump in a cage and swim with Great White Sharks.