Episode 2: The Cocaine Diaries, Weirdest Foods & Crocosaurus Cove


'It won't happen to me. That's what I thought when I got on the plane to Venezuela. But it did - I got caught.'

Sh*t gets real in the second episode of BTSTravel. In October 2008, Ireland was crippled by an economic disaster. Thousands of businesses suffered and Paul Keany's was no different. Paul's plumbing business was in serious trouble and he needed some cash. Quick. Desperate times means desperate measures. Paul agreed to smuggle six kilos of cocaine from Venezuela into Ireland. Paul was arrested in Caracas with a street value of €500,000 in his suitcase. He was then taken to one of South America's infamous prisons, Los Teques. Paul shares his nightmare tales of drugs, riots, rape, beatings, murders and kidnapping from his time in the prison. You can purchase Paul's incredible memoirs here.

After a harrowing opener, we lighten the mood with the hilarious Anthony of thetraveltart.com. Anthony walks us through some of the weirdest foods that he has sampled on his travels. Anthony briefly breaks up the terror before we throw you right back into it by taking you down under with Crocosaurus Cove.

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