Episode 3: Single Life & Sex on the Road, Worst Places to Cycle & Pilot a Fighter Jet


We have a very raunchy podcast for you this week. And an absolutely mental one. This is easily one of the most brutally honest pieces that I have done to date. And an absolutely hilarious one. Julie Morey was a well behaved young lady and married for over 10 years to a man she deeply loved. They lived happily ever after and everything was lovely. Wouldn't that make a terribly boring podcast? Julie's marriage ended and she hit the road to sow some wild oats. There were many oats sold. Julie shells out a variety of mishaps that can occur when pursuing the opposite sex whilst on the road. 

Amaya of WorldBiking.info is on an amazing quest to cycle all over the world. Instead of asking "where is the most beautiful place to cycle?", we go straight for the dirt with the worst places to cycle. I can imagine after cycling through a crazy downtown Tokyo that I would be eager to stop cycling, and grab a bus. Not Amaya though! 

This week's activity that wraps up the episode is fairly incredible. Imagine flying a fighter jet? MigFlug offers you that exact opportunity. A terrifying fun fact? You don't need any pilot experience. Philip kindly explains why this is a fun and enjoyable activity to do in your spare time...