Episode 4: Least Visited Countries, Dumbest Things Done on the Road & Dine in the Sky

Do you ever lie awake at night wondering what it is like to visit East Timor, Turkmenistan and South Sudan as a tourist? Probably not but you are definitely interested. Gunnar wrote one of favourite ever travel articles "The 25 Least Visited Countries in the Whole Wide World". Like a big auld ledge bag, Gunnar comes on the podcast to share his experiences from some of these countries. It is perfect for people who are too stupid to read his brilliant article and just want to listen to the highlights. Don't worry Stupid. I have your back. 

The amazing Wandering Earl returns to the podcast and risks all the respect that he earned from his previous performance. Earl lets us in on some of the dumbest things done on the road. We love you Earl, but use your head. We don't want to lose you. To finish the episode, we sprinkle a tad of class. You classless swines will probably stop listening at this point. For the cultured ones who remain, allow David from Dinner in the Sky to indulge us in the benefits of desert suspended in the sky. That sounds like a HIGHlight. 

I'll get my coat.