Episode 5: Cycling Around the World, Worst Jobs & Running of the Nudes


Did you ever cycle down the shops and think; "This is great. I should do this all the time. And all around the world.". Yeah, me neither. Eric & Amaya had that exact thought and are now on a quest to cycle every country on the planet. Ok, maybe they didn't have that EXACT thought but I am paraphrasing. Amaya joins BTSTravel to explains the highs and lows of cycling through every country and shares some of her more memorable experiences on two wheels. Keep up to date with Eric & Amaya on WorldBiking.info

We have all had those terrible jobs that make us question our life. Mine was while working for Domino's Pizza. I had a pair of horrendous bosses and the Domino's Pizza hat did not fit on my head. I have a big head but that is not the point of this particular podcast. Turner of the awesome Around The World in 80 Jobs shows us some of the less glamorous and glorious jobs that he has done throughout his nomadic life. 

And to finish the podcast, we get our c**k and t**s out. What a way to end? Kirsty from Peta educates us on why running with the bulls in Pamplona is lame. We should stop running with the bulls and run naked instead. Being naked is much more fun than killing of bulls. See how you can help save bulls by Running of the Nudes