Episode 7: Around the World in 80 Jobs, Random Acts of Kindness & Think Before you Volunteer


This episode is awwwwweeeeesssssooooommmmmeeee. Well, they all are. But this in particular, is so class. Turner of Aroundtheworldin80jobs.com is a complete legend. His website is killer and he as a dude, is just brilliant. A really enjoyable interview. Turner has worked some really weird and wonderful jobs. Turner gives us the low down on some of his high and lowlights. Randomly, we get into a fascinating discussion about an intellectual copyright case that he found himself in. Y'see, this website is not all about weird stuff and bowel movements, we also touch on topics like intellectual copyright. 

Amaya of Worldbiking.info loved her podcast experience so much that she returns to bring the joy. Amaya is on a mission to cycle all around the world and has met plenty pf people along the way. She lets us know about some of the random acts of kindness that she has received on her journey. We end the show with something much more serious than usual. An issue that is very important to me and one that we should all heed when thinking about doing voluntary work. Child protection specialist, Tessa joins the show to let us know about the dark secrets behind the emerging industry that is voluntourism. Feast your eyes on Orphanage.no. Tessa is in no way affiliated with the site. She merely recommended all my readers & listeners have a look at it.