Episode 8: Inside Mogadishu, Wildest Adventures & Wife Carrying Contest

Welcome back to this very dangerous episode of BTStravel. You must have a taste for adventure, you wild child. The  Naughty Nomad is worryingly mad for war zones. He cannot get enough of it. The NN ventured to one of the most dangerous cities in the world, Mogadishu and his experience is so intense. Somali Pirates and suicide bombers are all included. Woof. 

Heart is racing so we keep up the pace with  Backpackerbecki.com. Becki shares her wildest adventures from her life on the road. Naturally, we have to something f**king weird in an episode and we do not disappoint. We never do. We zip off to Canada to learn how to pick up women. And not in the classic sense of the term. Karina chats to us about Wife Carrying