Episode 9: Getting Rooted in New Zealand, Best Train Routes & Running Tours

This is a truly light hearted and funny episode of BTStravel. This should make you warm and fuzzy on the inside. Jamie wrote a brilliant book about "Getting Rooted in New Zealand". She was desperate to escape the dating world and real life in the US, so headed down under to New Zealand where there are 100,000 less men then women. Jamie kindly shares some of her hilariously unfortunate dating experiences that drove her down under, and of course, more misfortunes upon arrival. 

Michael of Goseewrite.com is one of the coolest bloggers around. I adore his writing. Michael set off in 2008 to circle the planet. Without ever leaving the ground. Michael gives us the best train routes of his journey so far. To finish, we get the endorphins pumping. When we go on holiday, we tend to eat and drink too much. Sounds glorious, eh? However, we come back dying for a workout. We can escape the post holiday guilt with Go! Running Tours