So….. You are told that your company needs to be on Social Media and have decided to give it a try. You’ve created an account but you’re struggling to remember to post every day and it often gets put off because it seems like such a thankless task. Only your Aunt is engaging with your posts. It has been two weeks and you don’t have 8 million Facebook likes. What’s the point?

Social Media can often be treated as if it’s a burden and the poor short term results can make it seem pointless (No offence, Aunty Jill). Like most things in life, you get out of Social Media what you put in. If you’re tweeting irregularly and aren’t interacting with other users, there’s no wonder you’re not getting the results you feel you deserve. Your content needs to be consistent & engaging. It is also a social space. You need to talk with your followers. Not at them. If you went to a party and only spoke AT people, without listening, you are clearly an as**ole and will not be invited to any of my parties. Same same. Don’t be a digital as**ole.

When managing your Social Media platforms, you don’t have to go on and manually post every day. Buffer, a third party application that can be used on the internet and in the form of an iOS/Android app, is a content sharing platform that allows you to schedule your content. This
simple tool will enable you to post your future content. Social Media is a 24 hour game so you can schedule content all through the night if you want. No more setting your alarm at 3am to post a hilarious meme. You will be forgiven to have a few hours sleep. Maximum 5. After that, back to work. I am not running a charity.

Now you’ve mastered how to manage the content, all you need to do is make sure it’s consistent and of value to your target market. All of which is easily doable with the use of Buffer and some investment of time. Don’t fall into the trap of using other people’s content or posting a ‘funny’ picture that’s already been posted thousands of times online. This doesn’t give anybody incentive to follow you.

To cut a long story short, if you’re a beginner on Social Media, all you need to concentrate on is investing some time into creating a strategy that suits your business, produce good content and positively interact with other Social Media users. Someone has to start the conversation, don’t they?

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I wrote this for my old company, CHC Digital.