New Site & Plenty of Updates

New Site & Plenty of Updates

After months and months....and months of desperately trying to get this site done, we have done it! Well, it is not 100% complete but the main sections are complete. I will be slaving away in the background to fix little bits and pieces but this is essentially it done. 

I hit a slight crossroads with the website & podcasting side of things. I was really struggling to make time to work on the site, write blogs & create podcasts. There was time, there always is. No matter how busy you are, but I found it hard to justify the time to do it. Since moving to London, I was doing it very half heartedly so I never felt pushed to take a finger out. I was bored one day and was having a look at my analytics. I noticed that I was still getting a really healthy listenership and growth to the podcast. It seemed like a waste just to toss it to one side considering that I put so much into it many moons ago. 

Whilst working in RTE, I once got up at 3.30am before work, to do an interview with someone in the Singapore. Dedication, baby. So yeah, I figured to re-boot it and really do it properly. Dedicate time to it over the week to push out more content. I am going to do one blog a week under the headings of Digital Marketing, Travel & Life. Simples. 

I shall also be pumping out way more podcasts. This is where it gets a bit messy/busy/exciting/terrifying. 

So, I got a new class job. Hooray! And apart of my new job is I get to take my travel podcast model to the amazing World Travel Guide. It will be similar to my previous but a much higher quality. I have recorded almost 3 months worth of interviews so far and they are sounding so good. Having a well known travel brand behind me, has brought all my guests A+ game out. Some of the interviews are really mind-blowing. The layout of the show will be myself and my co-host introducing the show. It shall then be the interview with our guest for 10-12 minutes followed by a chat with some of the WTG writers about what is featured on the site this week. I am hoping to make it a weekly podcast. Every Tuesday to coincide with the popular travel #'s like #TravelTuesday & #TTOT. I am pretty excited to get it going. I am hoping that considering the minor success of BTSTravel that the WTG podcast will be way more popular, considering the huge amount of traffic that WTG gets. Writing a blog like this is always dangerous. When the podcast is a massive failure, this can be used as a stick to beat me with. Not to sound corny, but it is a bit of a dream come true. I am sure many people reading this probably think that is a blood lame dream but alas, when I began researching guests & topics for the podcast, I thought; "wouldn't it be class if I did this with a huge travel brand?". I was in talks with Lonely Planet to do a podcast series with them to align with a campaign that they were working on. Unfortunately, nothing really came of it as I think they wanted a safer vibe. My podcasts are fairly.....mental in terms of topics, but I do believe there is a gap in the market for crazy travel stories. We have enough "12 beautiful cafes in Santorini", let's get more edgier and mental stuff. Anytime I go travelling, it is always about the insane experiences and wild stories to share upon return. Not always, now. Chilling on a beach is always wonderful but we all know what that experience is like. Thankfully, the people at WTG are on the exact same wave length as me. Edgy, funny & crazy stories. For example, one of the editors is doing a story in Amsterdam. He spent the day with two recently retired sisters who were prostitutes in the red light district. You want to read that, like. I shall post it when up. 

Solid stuff. 

Right, so here is where it gets complicated. So, I finally managed to get a travel brand to work with me on a podcast. Amazing work. Aren't we delighted? The podcasting in my life should be filled. Unfortunately, working with WTG takes a while to get going. No ones fault, it just takes a while to work out the logistics and website stuff. In this time, I got slightly restless and thought maybe to create a mini series for this website. And so I did some research. Crazily enough, I managed to pull together some incredible guests and it has turned into a far bigger creation. I have been coming home from work and locking myself in my room to work on this bad boy. I. am. so. excited. I am so stoked for everyone to hear it. It is frankly absolutely mental. I am using this opportunity to just be curious. Just being nosey but with a mic. The interviews that I have done/will do are: 

- Pick up Artist 

- Vampire Hunter 

- Alien Abduction Support Group 

- Satanists 

- 60 year old female sex line worker/escort

- Ex-Scientologist 

- A Magician (Going to to some tricks on the podcast) 

- A prostitute support foundation 

I am also going ON THE ROAD in search of some guests. I am going to Malaga between November 8th-12th. While there, I am hoping to spend the day in a proper hippy commune. I am very excited to do this. It will be a bit odd lugging the mac and the mic to a hippy commune but they seem up for it. It is not 100% confirmed yet as there are some logistical issues but I am hoping it will get going. 

But the most amazing one will be taking place at the end of November. I chanced my arm emailing some companies and you know that nothing will happen. But, let's give it a go. However, one time, someone got back to me. On Saturday 28th of November, I am spending the day podcasting in a gay porn studio. Woof. THAT will make some episode. Very excited and quite frightened. But it will make a great piece. The producer who I have been speaking to has been so sound so I am excited. I think they are going to film one of their more hardcore scenes in my presence. I shall suffer for my art. Maybe it will be lovely though. One of the actors up there is an ex-priest so that shall be interesting. Very excited. 

Other leads that I am chasing are swingers, people who go dogging and a few other warm leads. The topics that I am chasing are obviously not the kind of subjects that people are comfortable chatting to ransomers. My networking and relationship skills will need to be 90 to pull some of these off. I am confident in pulling it off though as the podcast series is purely from a curiosity point rather than to mock or laugh. 

I am excited for you all to hear it. I think that will come out every Friday morning but I am not entirely sure. I want to make it weekly but with WTG, it may be too intense. We will see how we get on. 

I am also doing a bit of travelling soon which will be great for the soul. I am hoping that this blog will almost encourage me to travel more. After a year in South America & NZ, I attempted to sort my life out and hung up the travel boots. Life is sorted now.....well, kind, more freedom to travel. I will blog about those experiences more also. I am aware the travel side of this blog is CRAZY outdated. I am also aware the blogs are far too long. I think this blog is turning into a dousey. Before the year is up, I am off to Malaga, Brussels, Bruges & Iceland. I found writing a blog also forces you to do more stuff so you can write about it. I know that sounds a bit lame but anything to use for motivation to do more than just drink a tonne of pints. 

Right, I best sign off now. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the new website. I shall be a tonne more active in future. AT LEAST a blog a week and I think the Brian Tells Stories podcast will be back running next week. WTG podcast may be a little later but we are very close. 

Exciting times. 

Have a great weekend, kids. 

B x

This is where I finished this blog. Not bad. 

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