A Delicious Place to Eat in Bruges & A Delicious Place to Eat In Brussels

A Delicious Place to Eat in Bruges & A Delicious Place to Eat In Brussels

Evidently, I went to Belgium recently. After my brief trip to Malaga, I ventured to Belgium with some friends. We spent one evening in Bruges and two evenings in Brussels. Ideally, we would have stayed in Bruges for the entirety of the trip as it is one of the most glorious places on earth, but a friend was flying in from Dublin and it is a pain to go Dublin - Bruges. 

Did you ned that much detail? Probably not. But I am a generous writer. 

I would go into plenty of detail about all the sites we saw in Bruges & Brussels and what fascinating insights that I gained on my travels but alas, we only drank fine Belgian beers and ate a variety of food. 

Yes, we did have mussels in brussels. We opted for a cheap option which was only OK. It was after a day of sampling a wide range of Belgian beer, so we were not particularly fussy. No one felt ill after cheap seafood which I feel is a victory in itself. 

However it is not the cheap mussels we had or the sneaky Dominos pizza that I wish to inform you about. We ate in two absolutely stunning places that you must try if in that part of the world. We shall begin with the Bruges establishment. 


The name says it all. The name is enough to make you want to go! The website is here. Now, while Bruges is a magical and romantic wonderland, this restaurant is most certainly one of the main reasons I was eager to return. Perhaps that is a little sad but I am not going to lie to you, reader. In the lead up to our trip, my buddy and I were texting each other with excitement. He was in Paris with the love of his life, and I was strolling up and down the beautiful beaches of Malaga. But yet, the unlimited ribs was on our mind. 

Oh, I didn't mention that it is unlimited ribs, did I? 

"Not so sad now." - I hear you cry. 

This place is epic and I cannot recommend it more. I left feeling very ill and I have no one to blame but myself. I couldn't resist the unlimited option and attempted three helpings. It was too much. 200% go to this place, but make wise decisions. I would recommend getting the spicy ribs and not making any plans for the rest of the evening. We had big plans after the ribs. We were going to hit the town once more of our gang arrived and paint the town red. Dance off the ribs. 

The ribs could not be danced off that evening but they were dam fine. We did roam the streets of Bruges until the early hours sampling more beers where we were certain that we met Randy Jackson. 

We did not see Randy Jackson and we ate too many ribs. 

In a delightful surprise, we managed to wake up without a hangover and hopped on the train to Brussels. Despite smelling poorly and appearing even worse, we managed to blag our way into first class. We arrived into Brussels and managed to find our AirBnb. Our apartment was not in the greatest of locations (it was central, just not in that great of an area) but the apartment was sensational. It was a huge open plan loft. I have a fairly solid record with AirBnb but I think this was the best one. I absolutely loved it. 

Anyway, onto another establishment that you HAVE to eat in. This time, in Brussels. 


YUM YUM YUM. Another absolute winner. Now, it was a raining miserable day in Brussels and our hangover was beginning to kick it AND the Q was huge. We were beginning to lose faith and were so close to opting to eat elsewhere. Thankfully, the staff were lovely which encouraged us to stay. 

It was some of the finest food that I have had. And the wider group agreed. They don't appear to have a website but their Facebook page is here

I had the sausage fest which was glorious but everyone ordered different stuff, all of which received huge praise. Following our great meal, we washed it down with Flat White's, Mimosa's and a couple of Bloody Mary's. 

We were all set for the day. The rest of the day/evening was an exceptional amount of fun. I can't say that Brussels is my favourite place in the world. In fact, it seemed a lot more grim than I remember/thought it would be. Perhaps we were in the wrong area and going to the wrong places. I am pretty sure we ended up in some sort of gay Irish bar. 

But that is for another day. 

Has anyone been to either of the above? Anything to add to the list? Doesn't need to be Belgian specific. Let me know! 

I have obviously neglected to discuss the awful events that took place around the world but I shall leave that to those far more eloquent and insightful than myself to comment. However, It goes without saying that thoughts and prayers go out to those involved. 

Stay safe kids. 

B x

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