The Time I Went Inside an Icelandic Glacier

The Time I Went Inside an Icelandic Glacier

I am just back from glorious Iceland. And, I have successfully seen my second Glacier. Glaciers are class. I really recommend trying to see one on your journeys. Ever since seeing the incredible Perito Moreno Glacier in southern Argentina, I have been itching to see more. 

Unfortunately, I live a real life now and am an adult, so opportunities are becoming few and far between. Thankfully, I had some holiday time to kill, two friends and Iceland to assist me scratch this itch. 

Having done plenty of research and chatting to friends who have gone, I was recommended Into The Glacier for all my Glacier needs. They did not disappoint. 

Myself and my two Kiwi comrades were due to fly out of London on Thursday night. We were to land in Reykjavik at 11pm, an hour drive to our hostel and be in bed and well rested in time for our tour at 8.30am. Maybe even sneak in a cheeky beer upon arrival? 

What a perfect plan. 

Unfortunately, our flight got delayed four hours and we did not end up climbing into bed until 5:00am. 

Not delicious. 

I feared what state we would be when we woke up to do a 13 hour tour. Thankfully the combination of exciting and the freezing weather kept us sprightly throughout. It really is a testament to how enjoyable the Into The Glacier experience is that despite having 3 hours sleep, we loved the tour. We did nap at any given opportunity though. Into The Glacier offer many different tours but the one I did was this

First up on the tour was to see a waterfall. When I originally saw the itinerary, I assumed a waterfall would be a filler part of the tour. I was dead wrong. The waterfall was brilliant. The Hraunfossar waterfall was well worth a look. We took many pretty pictures: 

After the waterfall, we hopped on the bus and headed to a local hotel for some grub. We were in a pretty remote part of Iceland at this point, so to see a lovely luxury hotel, was weird. I can’t imagine they get many guests. It was here, that I fell in love. 

"Love can touch us one time. And last for a life time" - Celine Dion 

Love is funny. I wouldn’t have expected to have fallen in love in Iceland, on a tour, mostly comprised of middle aged people. But I did. I ordered a steak sandwich and a beer. Then it happened. My soul mate entered my life. I knew after I pulled my lips away, my life would never be the same.  

Gull. Gull is a f**king fantastic beer. My word. So refreshing. I had several after this moment so it was not necessarily my surroundings that made it so special. I love this beer. I love it so much that I may import some. Or does anyone know anywhere in London where I can get it? I always thought mail order brides were weird. Until now. I now want love shipped to my door. 

After finishing our meal and when I eventually stopped proclaiming my love for Gull, we jumped in ICE 2. ICE 2 was an ex NATO truck. ICE 2 was class. 

ICE 2 took us deeper into remote Iceland and towards the glacier. The journey was incredible. So white. The mountains that surrounded us looked like paintings on a huge white canvas. It was spectacular. I have been fortunate enough to see some fairly incredible things, but this was up there with the best of them. 

We drove through a mini snow storm and arrived at the entrance of the ice tunnel into the glacier. We were warned that it could get as low as -22 around the glacier. Thankfully it only went as low as -8. However I was interested to see how my body would react to such cold. 

But I think I may have told myself that would be interesting to put a positive spin on being absolutely freezing. 

Our guide brought us into the glacier and through the ice tunnels. It was really spectacular. The guides are so knowledgeable, passionate and nice. Our particular guide was lovely enough to answer all my stupid questions, which there were plenty. 

(I podcasted our time in Iceland, so there will be an Icelandic special in the coming weeks). 

We took lots of pictures of the class ice tunnels. 

The ice tunnels are not that cold at all so it is not an uncomfortable tour. While in the glacier, we managed to drink some glacial water. A very niche activity but one that I would highly recommend. The freshest goddamm thing that I may have ever had. We exited the glacier and jumped back in our ICE 2, and drove back towards civilisation. 

On the way back to Reykjavik, we stopped at some hot springs. It was about 7.30pm at this point and very dark (Icelandic winter has sunshine from 10am- 4pm). We couldn’t really see much but it was nice to stand beside something warm. 

I cannot recommend Iceland enough and if you go, you simply have to go with Into The Glacier. They are a new company, supremely nice and incredibly passionate about what they do. Why would you not want them to succeed? It also helps that the tour is one of the best things that I have done also! 

On the drive back to Reykjavik, we cracked open some rum and met two lovely Americans from Wisconsin. A Mother-Daugter combination. Actually, a Mother-GrandMother combination as the Daughter had 2 teenage sons. They were absolute legends. Great fun. I just loved that they sat at the back of a bus with an Irishman and 2 Kiwis, drinking rum. 


We arrived back in Reykjavik. Polished off the rum and then had one of the best/weirdest nights I have ever had. 

Which I shall write about in a few days! 

Always leave them wanting more. 

Reykjavik is Weird, but Brilliant. But Really Weird.

Reykjavik is Weird, but Brilliant. But Really Weird.

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