Rosario, Che's Gaff and False Celebrity

We left Buenos Aires when our lease on our apartment ran out. The gang went our different ways. The girls headed up towards Bolivia while me and Omar started to work our way slowly south before heading to Patagonia. 

Directly after Buenos Aires, Omar was in Puerto Iguazu with Leah and I headed solo to Santa Fe. 

Santa Fe seems like it would be a really beautiful town during the summer. We were in the middle of winter. Tourists often take boat trips around the lake but we could not do it as it was lashing rain. We really did very little in Santa Fe. We were bored and wanted something to do so we booked a tour around a beer brewery. Unsure why. None of us had much interest in it. We booked it for the next day but while at dinner that night, we decided we would just head off to Rosario and skip it. We went to an all you can eat Fish restaurant while there. It was callled “El Quincho de Chiquito “. Amazing food. It seemed to be owned by a local boxer as there is a lot of boxing pictures around the place. Oh, actually. I recall there being a statue of a boxer outside it. It was class food. The place opens at about 8ish and we arrived early and could see the delivery of fresh fish at around 7.30. It was lovely. We ate too much and felt quite ill. Omar had spaghetti for breakfast also. That was crazy. 

On the bus back from the fish restaurant to our hostel, we decided to have a sneaky cigarette while we wait for the bus. Typically, the bus showed up as soon as we lit up. Unwilling to throw away the cigarette, I stubbed it on the soul of my foot and placed it behind me ear. Simple stuff. We took our place at the back of the bus as we are bad asses. We detected a funny smell. After ignoring it for a while, I got a burning sensation on my ear. The cigarette was still lit. How embarrassing. Just think about it, this gringo gets on a bus with smoke bellowing from his cigarette behind his ear. Oops. 

After a relatively pointless trip to Santa Fe we headed to Rosario. Rosario is well known for adventure activities. The plan was to skydive for my birthday. We walked up and down the lake in Rosario. It is a really beautiful city. We went to where Che Guevra was born. Unsure what I was expecting but a plaque outside an office saying “Che Wuz Ere 55” was not it. It is in the lonely planet as one of the things to see and is literally just a plaque. We strolled past it a few times saying, “Surely there is more to it than this….”. There wasn’t. This was it.

The home of Che. Not exactly what we were expecting

The home of Che. Not exactly what we were expecting

Nothing to see here. Rosario is a very cool city. Me and Omar just pottered around for the day and really enjoyed it.

We met some interesting characters in our hostel. A guy from New Zealand and a girl from Colombia. They were both absolutely mental but in different ways. Mr. NZ was an interesting character. He was a sheep sheerer.

I made a few hilarious Alan Shearer related jokes that went down terribly. He was explaining how much money is in sheep sheering. Not just in the industry but competition-wise. There are tournaments which are big big money. Quick and cleanest sheer. Madness. He was telling me about sheering magazines. I wonder are there sexy centrefolds in the centre or posters of your favourite sheerers. The colombian girl seemed lovely at first and then had some vodka and started to explain how she was going to murder her boyfriend. We tried not to ask too many questions but she was eager to explain. I was more interested in learning more about sheep sheering. 

As I mentioned before, we were intending to skydive for my birthday. I always wanted to do it and Rosario seemed like the place to do it. It is easily the most terrified I have ever been as I was waiting for our bus to collect us. I was beginning to dread it and actually felt a bit ill. I decided to do what any man would do while nervous. Go for a walk and blast Tiesto through the headphones. I was ready. I was ready to kick some ass. 5 minutes till pick up. So bloody ready, baby. Bring it on. 3 minutes till pick up. Phone call. Skydive cancelled. So ready…. oh…

Massive pain in the ass. They said that their driver was sick. Such bullshit. He hardly got sick on the way to pick us up. Very annoying. We had our ticket booked back to Buenos Aires that night so we could not reschedule. Pain. We went for a walk around Rosario once more to cheer us up. We found a really brilliant monument in Rosario. We hung around there for a few hours. If in Rosario, check out “Rosario Flag Monument”. Well worth a wander. 

We made some friends during our time there. Tonnes of ladeeeeeeez. Oh yeah. They were all about 12 but y’know. Beggars can’t be choosers. They all seemed to think that I was some sort of celebrity. I, of course, did not deny the rumour and even signed some autographs. God, I am such a dickhead.

I shall return to Rosario in my old age and use my celebrity profile to take a wife. Until then…..

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