Sucre for my tea...

The view from a Trek we did just outside Sucre

The view from a Trek we did just outside Sucre

Sugar for my tea.....yes, very weak. The puns seem to only be getting weaker. Perhaps I should ditch these puns. 

Anyway, Sucre. Ah, Sucre. You are a delicious place. It is much lower than La Paz so altitude was no longer a problem. We could happily walk for ten minutes without needing an oxygen pack. Sucre is a beautiful mix of cultures. It is a beautiful colonial city with the crazy Bolivian twist.

Colonial Sucre

Colonial Sucre

La Paz is the official capital of Bolivia but Sucre is constitutional capital of Bolivia. Let us pretend we know what that means. Sucre was originally the capital of Bolivia but it was changed to La Paz. I assume it is because La Paz has some very high points so you could keep tabs on any invaders. I would not invade La Paz. Far too inconvenient. Sucre is a lot nicer and cleaner than La Paz. It has a much nicer vibe to it. We stayed in "Hostal Wasi Masi" which was a fantastic and cheap hostel. Sucre generally had great weather but we had some rainy days which was cured with watching some football and monopoly. Monopoly makes you hate your friends. My god, when you land on someones hotel, I am fueled with unbridled rage. We did not do too much while in Sucre but eat some fantastic food. There are plenty of fantastic restaurants in Sucre as well as a brilliant fruit market which was down the road from Hostal Wasi Masi. Unfortunately that is as much detail as I can supply. 

However, the watermelon that I purchased while there was loaded with ants. The ants seemed relatively understanding when I asked them to vacate. I am still sure that I ate loads of them but..... Bolivia. One of the highlights of Sucre was the dinosaur park. That is right. A dinosaur park. You could even say....a....JURASSIC PARK of sorts.

There were life size dinosaurs there which is just....fabulous. Unsure if you have worked it out yet but I love dinosaurs. We all know that a T-Rex is a big chap but to see a life size plastic one up close, re-affirmed my belief that things you hear are very big....often, are very big. There were dinosaur tracks also which was awesome. Now, I must admit something to you sports fans. While looking through the telescope, it took me a good 15 minutes to notice them. Everyone was talking about how amazing it was. How breathtaking. I agreed, maybe even offered some original insight about what I claimed to have seen but it was a lie. A temporary lie but a lie nonetheless. I don't know why I even did it. The fear of rejection, exclusion or loneliness? Unsure. I eventually found it and was indeed very impressed. To this day, I wonder would I have ever come clean if I never saw it.

Easily the highlight of my time in Sucre was the trek to the cave paintings. It can be booked through a tour agency called "Joyride". It was an absolutely amazing day trek. You trek through some beautiful mountain ranges before arriving at the caves. The caves have paintings in them from roughly over 2500 years old. Just think about that for a moment. That is really old, like. I was genuinely blown away when I first saw them. Pretty incredible site. Amazing.

It was such a superb hike that ended with a bang of the cave paintings. The bus journey was of course very dodgy. There was a sign warning drivers to be careful. It had a picture of a bus crash with splatters of red around the bus which appeared to be blood. Very graphic. Slightly unnecessary. It was time to depart Sucre. We were feeling slightly more healthy after using Sucre to recover from La Paz. It was time to get another horrible bus. Next stop, Potosi.

Mining and Dynamiting in Potosi

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