Modern Dating in Ye Olde London Town

Modern Dating in Ye Olde London Town

Dating blogs appear to be all the rage currently. Are they? Maybe not but two of my new favourite blogs focus on Dating. You should definitely read (if you did not hear about) 30DaysofTinder and the lesser known, but still great, The Adventures of Kelly and Nelson

I was talking to some pals about different content for my website. You can tell that I have worked in Marketing too long that I refer to posting personal stories online as “content”. I have been single for almost 2 and a half years now, and on all your regular dating apps. Well, not Grindr


I moved to London about 2 years ago (it will be 2 years in May) and have experienced much hilarity with these dating apps. 

Unfortunately, I attract madness. I say unfortunately, anyone who knows me, knows I love any opportunity to tell a good tale. And my dating life has not let me down. Over the coming weeks and or months and or years, I shall begin posting a variety of experiences. I promise all are real. Some may appear fake or made up. Unfortunately, they will be all true. I say unfortunately. See earlier point. 

In saying that, I am sure the majority of my dates would claim that I am mental also. I am almost 30, have a Blink 182 tattoo, love Taylor Swift and went to a Gay Porn Studio

Upon first arrival into London, I was more eager to experience life as a singleton in big bad London. I also moved to London with the aim of conquering the world via Marketing (still a work in progress) and that mission does not lend itself to much time to focus on tricking another poor individual into a relationship. I do thoroughly enjoy dating on a variety of apps. While in a relationship, Tinder was in its infancy, and like everyone in a relationship, it fascinated me. I couldn’t believe people were on it. And that internet dating was acceptable now. 

“I would never do it. It is so shallow” 

After me and an ex parted ways (very amicably, she is great. Part of me will be eternally jealous of the dude who ends up with her, but in the nice way, not a jealous creepy way, and also worried for his mental health, because she is batsh*t), I spent a few months lamenting the loss of her and wondering whether I would ever fall in love again. Y’know, the usual stuff. 

I have fell in love since. Many times. In fact, I fell in love this morning. I walked past her getting off the tube. The connection was electric. She was going down the escalator, I was going up. A modern day Romeo & Juliet. Nothing was said, nor did she see me, but we could both feel it. 

The idea to document some of my dating tales was not only inspired by wanting to steal the ideas of two other successful blogs but came from me beginning this project. My friends recommended that I upload some of my Tinder Tales or Happn Hangouts, so it seemed like a natural progression. I have plenty of stories to tell, so I will not be short of CONTENT. 

I suppose a brief bit about me are required. We have already established that I am hilarious (see above CONTENT). Personal descriptions are always difficult to write as you always just write the ideal version of yourself, but the ideal version of myself would be very ambitious, a hard worker, pretty laid back and I would like to consider myself a good laugh and a loyal pal. 

In reality, I am an egotistical dick who only wants to entertain himself on dates. I have been described as a “High Functioning Retard”, more than once. Not to be insulting to those with mental health issues but I suppose I have gained such a label because I have achieved some pretty cool stuff, professionally and personally, have a good job that I am very good at (there is that ego shining) and yet, I once put a lit cigarette behind my year while boarding a bus. Before wondering where the smell of smoke was coming from. 

My housemate could add a million more of these things to the list. 

I am also not smooth. At all. Not to say that I am bad with the opposite sex, but I think I succeed with my ability to chat rather than looks or charm. 

"But Brian, you appear so smooth and charming. Like an Irish James Bond..."

I appreciate that, but see below in a classic attempt at flirting. 


Thankfully our very attractive estate agent did not let that deter her from going out on a date with me. The first date was great. The second.....not so much. I will explain about that later. That particular date made me realise that I clearly attract crazy, but crazy is more enjoyable, and will inspire blogs and funny stories. And I obviously love crazy. I have made my peace with that. 

I find a lot of blogs that focus on dating mainly highlight who they are dating and laugh at them. This is not my intention at all. We shall all laugh at each other, unfortunately mostly at me. I, personally, have had a few nightmares on dates so I am not angel, and I shall share accordingly.

Over the next weeks while I am piecing this project together, I shall be posting some of my dating stories. Please, get in touch and share yours here! 

Speak soon.

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