A Quick Trip to Luxembourg (is probably enough)

A Quick Trip to Luxembourg (is probably enough)

I own an app called “Been”. That basically just tells you how many countries you have been to and the % of the world conquered.

Having gotten this app, I was hugely disappointed to discover that I had only been to (at the time) 49 countries. I was going to spend country number 50 in Greece.

So, for me to rack up some serious country numbers - we needed to pull a finger out. London is not only the greatest city in the world for career climbing but also a great launching pad for travel. And there was always cheap and cheerful flights to Luxembourg. And I had never been to Luxembourg so it felt like low hanging fruit.

Friday evening flight out - Sunday afternoon flight back. No time off required for work. Bob’s your Uncle, Patsy is your Aunt. That is certainly not a term of phrase but it could kick off.

I knew very little about Luxembourg before going except that the capital is Luxembourg City. As a child, I prided myself on knowing all the capitals of the world (more so through playing Football Manager rather than actually picking up a book) so Luxembourg City was also lowing hanging fruit for pretending I was more knowladgable than I am.

Perhaps ignorantly, I assumed it would be a nice empty flight out to Luxembourg. Because who is going to Luxembourg on a Friday night? Turns out - a lot. Plane was absolutely packed.

I would have loved to have walked through the Q and asking why are people going to Luxembourg? But like, probably should ease up on harassment.

We touched down in Luxembourg town. Our Air BnB was cool. Very cosy and about a 20 minute walk from all the action. Because I am an uncultured swine, I was dying to get some Chinese food. We found a nice Chinese restaurant near our house so we popped in.

The place was understandably dead as it was close to midnight in Luxembourg. As we sat down and I began to look through the menu. Acting as if I am not going to order exactly the same thing every time, chicken curry.

A couple of Americans were sitting behind us chatting to each other. It was apparently a beautifully sunny day in Luxembourg this day and it looked like the chaps had a few too many Luxembourg-ish beers throughout the day.

“I can’t do it anymore. I feel like I need to go home”

One desperately said to the other.

“Yeah man”

Agreed the other one. But agreed in a way that he was really not listening and more interested in whatever he was eating.

“It’s just so fucking boring here. There is nothing to do here. Ever. After one day I was bored”


I looked up and smiled at my girlfriend at his description of Luxembourg. I explained to my girlfriend that I am sure he is being dramatic and that there will be plenty for us to do.

“I am not even being dramatic man, this place is so boring. Why does anyone even come here?”

Thankfully, the Chinese food came and me and my girlfriend had something else to talk about.

“How awesome is Chinese food?!”

En route home, we stopped in a little bar to have a drink or two. Luxembourg-ians were very friendly and seemed to enjoy a hearty laugh. They were all confused as to why we were here.

The following day; it was time to do touristy stuff and actually see what Luxembourg is all about. We had heard about a beautiful little village called “Grund”. It was about a 45 minute walk from our house so Patsy’s your Aunt etc.

We walked through a lovely city park on our way to Grund. I cannot stress how quiet Luxembourg is. We barely saw anyone on our way. This was also a Saturday and around 12 - 1pm. There were barely even cars. Annoyingly, I forgot to bring a tooth brush and for the life of me, could not find any open shops. There were big H&M stores open etc but no smaller grocery / corner store esque shops. It was a weekend of putting toothpaste on my finger.

We arrived at Grund and it was really worth the short walk. It was so lovely.

Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 14.49.00.png

There were plenty of tourists there, or maybe there were very few tourists there and I had just become not used to being around people since arriving in Luxembourg. We found a heroic little Italian place with a beautiful view of Grund. Rose & a cheese plate were ordered as we revelled in the quiet and relaxed pace of Luxembourg. Restaurant here.


I would highly recommend going there. Beautiful food and some wonderful views. Like the true adventure travellers we are, after a boozy lunch, we opted to go back to the Air BnB and have a nap.

That is what holidays are for, no? Napping during the day.

Post nap, we wanted to see what the Luxembourg Saturday night had to offer.

Very little. Everything was closed and we ended up eating in a restaurant beside a Pizza Hut. And realistically, we probably should have gotten over ourselves and had a Pizza Hut.

Luxembourg is perfect if you want to have a weekend away and do nothing, and not feel guilty about it, because there is very little to do.

I do not even mean that as a backhanded compliment. I can definitely imagine going back to chill out again.

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