Lazin' & Lunchin' Around Lagos

Lazin' & Lunchin' Around Lagos

Attempt at becoming a travel writer and an actual useful source of information #651234

Ah, Lagos. In Portugal’s infamous Algarve. We flew into Faro airport and organised a car to pick us up and head out to where we were staying by Lagos Marina. I say organised a car - we pre-booked a taxi.

Lagos is well worth a trip. It is so relaxing with a huge variety of different and beautiful beaches. And glorious food.

We stayed in a great Air BnB that was about 15 minutes away from all the action which was great as it was nice and quiet but we were walking distance to where everything is happening. Now, I say walking distance to where everything is happening - all we did was laze around and eat.

You can book it here. I am dying for the day for someone to book a place that I have been via my website. Live the way Briany C lives. Top tip to be like me; leave clothes on the floor. Easier to find.

Lagos has some absolutely epic beaches. Praia De Camilo is probably the most famous one.


Very Instagrammable, yes. But jesus, the beach was absolute packed. Not what I need from my beach experience. It is not a huge stretch of sand and it is sandwiched between some (albeit beautiful) rocks. Making it feel pretty compact. We toyed with the idea of staying there but it seemed like we would be forcing it rather than enjoying it. So, we went to a bigger stretch of beach closer to our house which was the one.

When in Lagos, definitely go see Camilo but I would recommend spending more time on Meia Praia. It is just a heavenly stretch of sand for miles. There is so much space that it is easy to spread out and find a delicious spot.

There you go.

There you go.

It never ceases to amaze me how content that I can be just sitting on a beach for hours and hours. I had a bit of a “yes, this is the life - moment”.

In my “spare time”, I work with exciting startups in verticals that I find particularly interesting. Be it, a very cool industry or service offering - or if it is a really difficult vertical that I have not worked in. A sucker for punishment, I guess. I sat there, with a few beach beers, and pieced together some masterplans to send to the companies that I was working with.

I find at times, life is so hectic and wild, that I am now so accustomed to deliver work in a rush. Not lacking in quality but with a to do list as long as mine - there is a sense of just getting something out the door and react to the results as they roll in. However, with this, I was really able to just sit there and contemplate a bunch of different scenarios and situations that may arise - how best to achieve it or how best to avoid. It was great to have that clarity of thought and space to formalise what was going on inside my head.

Piecing together a strategy while sitting on a beach. I could get used to this. I absolutely adore travel, beaches and exploration etc. But I am also obsessed with being busy. I am at my happiest when I am abroad, experiencing something or somewhere new but being productive on something that interests me.

After a day of lazing on the beach with beers, an appetite was most certainly developed and below are 3 restaurants that you have to try when in the area.

1) Dynasty Chinese Restaurant


Ah what?! A Chinese restaurant in Portugal? Are you seriously recommending this, Brian?

F**k yes, I am. The place is epic. Amazing view over the river onto the sea and the food is so dam good. Trust me, loyal reader. Have I let you down before?

Do not answer that.

I am proud and filled with shame at the same time to say that while there with my girlfriend - multiple starters and 4 main courses were consumed while there.

The dumplings were superb.

2) The Garden

Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 14.34.03.png

The garden is a garden themed lunch / restaurant place. You know what you are getting when you walk in. It is a very chilled vibe and the service staff are in no rush to serve you. Which is not bad when you have nothing to do but when you have a busy day of laying on beach ahead of you - time is of the essence.

Get the meat BBQ dish and some ice cold Corona to wash it down. We only went there for lunch but it seems to be really lively for dinner also.

3) No Patio


As opposed to the Garden Restaurant which was a Garden. No Patio is a restaurant with a massive patio. It is known to be one of the most romantic spots in Lagos. It is a really chilled out atmosphere with great wine and even better food.

Very worth trying on maybe a last night with your other half or something special to celebrate. It is also Portugal, so it is far from breaking the bank to enjoy it.

And there you have it - that is almost like a useful travel post.

I am totally getting the hang of this lark.

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