New Podcasts, New Blogs & Old Brian

At a recent wedding in Ireland. Drank all of the Guinness. 

At a recent wedding in Ireland. Drank all of the Guinness. 

After a wild six months full of fun, sun and a bunch of alcohol - I have neglected my old website. I moved to a new job and wanted to enjoy my summer, so lay off! 

However, we are back with a bang. I thought I deleted all my podcasts and thought I did not back them up. I lay, motionless on my kitchen floor, thinking that there is no record of me spending the day in a gay porn studio except for this blog post and the final thing I think about before I go to sleep. 

Thankfully - I was able to restore them all. I need to do a tad bit of editing and whatnot but they are all there and shall be uploaded this weekend (Dec 2nd / 2016) and then I shall start uploading even more! I have plenty of interviews pre-recorded that I did over a year ago, which are awesome and I will put them up. 

I shall be working on a bunch of new projects also to upload. Lots more fascinating things to learn more about. 

Upcoming podcast topics include - 

Pitcairn Island 

Car Bombs in Yemen 

Rickshaw Through India 

Leaving Love to Travel 

Crossing America in a Cab 

and much more. 

I am playing around with a few other ideas to put myself in some more uncomfortable situations. I really want to do something with my friends. I like the idea of just getting some wine, a mic and a friend and just chatting about stuff. Ideally, I would like to stray away from topics and discuss personal stuff. May not be that good though. 

Maybe I just want to talk to my friends. Maybe I should try do that without the use of a mic. 

Two other ideas that I am thinking about is to do something on me. I am thinking of the mechanic where I basically ask my friends to talk about me and their experiences of me. My faults - strengths, memorable moments and impressions of me. It could be insanely self indulgent. It may also only interest my close friends. 

I have also been toying with the idea of doing a piece on relationships breaking up. I think the ending of relationships is such an interesting thing. The emotions and thought processes involved. Why did people break up and how people move on - is just interesting. Maybe I am just being nosey. 

I think the majority of these podcasts and whatnot are just me being bloody nosey. 

Anyway - onwards and upwards!