New Tinder Related Podcast / Social Experiment.....sort of

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With my most recent podcast series finale going online recently, I have decided to take a small break from podcasting. And by break, I mean work on a new series. Which takes time. Research, recording, editing and scheduling. I am currently beginning the research process to find new guests. I have some fairly excellent people lined up. It shall not disappoint. 

However, it will not be until June that they will be online. So, I am going to create a few random projects in the mean time.  One off documentary sort of things. Or maybe I will just make one off separate entities rather than another series. Well, I will work on another series but.....look, it is not important. 

A very common and popular talking point within my group of friends (or any group, no doubt) is dating, specifically online dating. There is nothing more glorious than when a friend or a colleague has a truly bizarre dating story. I have plenty, which I shall start blogging about and these tales got me thinking. 

What if I do a podcast on online dating mares? They do not even need to be nightmares. They could be amazing, interesting, weird or whatever. 

What a delicious idea! 

Now, where do we get people? Some of my friends will contribute but that is not enough. We need to widen our net. So, as an added interesting facet to this project, I am going to contact all of my Tinder matches. 


I shall send a message to all 286 Tinder matches. No exceptions. Well, I shall exclude the matches that I am hoping to get out on a date soon. But all the historical matches, shall receive a message. From the ladies who I should have called back to the ones who didn't text back. 

I shall send the following - 

I am feeling a little bit nervous about sending it around but YOLO. It is all about the art, I suppose.  I shall update you as I go. 

However, these are just the women in my life. If others would like to take part and send a similar message to their contacts, let me know. It can be a fun / weird experience. Particularly, I need a female so I could have some male contributions. 

Tinder is merely a hook to hang the piece on. Any dating tales are welcome! Please get in touch here!