Rickshaw Across India

I should just stop apologising for going MIA with the podcast but I am in severe denial and even more of a dreamer - so, I apologise for the long wait and I promise that I will get another podcast up next week. My new year actually starts in Feb so.....lets write off Jan. 

Plenty of exciting podcast projects coming up in the new year and incredibly - this little podcast was voted one of the top travel podcasts of 2016 by the wonderful people from Hello Travel. How heartwarming. 

Right - time to give the people what they want. Podcasts! We have a BLOODY FANTASTIC one this week. The glorious Sherry Ott of Ottsworld.com joins the pod to talk to us about the time she Rickshaw'ed across India. You can read about her adventure here

Sherry shares her adventures across India - from horrendous bathrooms to beautiful scenery to going through bandit country! 

On the Run from Interpol and Experiencing an Earthquake

Brian Tells Stories returns and returns with a bang. A two for one special this week. Two incredible stories and experiences in one episode! Incredible scenes. 

Leif of The Runaway Guide joins the show to walk us through some fairly mental experiences. We begin the show as Leif explains why Interpol were after him and how he managed to escape. Then, Leif continues supplying the goods by explaining what it feels like to experience and earthquake. Leif wrote about his earthquake experience here.

How do we manage to fit so much awesomeness into 21 minutes?! 

Dating Nightmares: Storming off, Strap Ons & Faeces.

Online dating, eh? Who would have thought finding love via an app would cause so much trouble? 

To continue my series of dating nightmare blogs, I figured I NEEDED to culminate some other dating nightmare tales in the form of a podcast. Our first episode does not disappoint. We have four lovely different stories that may put you off dating forever. 

We begin with the lovely Karin who had a date that accused her sister of having an eating disorder (hasn't met her....obvious) followed by Jane (not her name). Jane shares two fairly mental stories that include spongebob squarepants underwear and another one tale that involves a strap on. 

And just when you have lost all faith in finding "the one", an anonymous Scotsman shares a story to end all stories. I was concerned about putting this on the first episode because it frankly won't get better. 

Hopefully his dating life got better. 

For him, I hope it keeps going super badly for you all. If you or any friends have any first date nightmares, please get in touch. I have more stories to come but always on the search for more. 

Please share my wonderful guests pain! 

Chasing Vikram: Kidnapping, War & Cease Fire

This week Earl of WanderingEarl.com joins the pod to share one of THE most incredible tales ever. It is incredible. Many moons ago, a "friend" of Earl, called Vikram, stole his car. Earl then went on a mission to retrieve the money that he was due. Earl packed his bags and headed to Bangladesh. What happened next is....incredible. 

This story needs to be a movie. However, I feel people would think it was too unbelievable. You can read the article here

Japanese Penis Festival

Brian returns earlier than expected. How fun! HOW INCREDIBLY FUN?! 

Long story short, I did all these podcasts just under a year ago for the fabulous people at World Travel Guide but the guys at WTG are going through some exciting changes, and we opted to hold off on the podcasts for a bit. Rather than allowing the current episodes gather dust, I figured I would release them to my adoring public. 

We begin with Dicks. Obviously. It is my website. Couldn't start with a story about a lovely beach or something? Nah, let's go with dicks. 

Michael Turtle of Timetravelturtle.com is one of the best travel bloggers around, funny and all round stellar dude. He wrote one of my favourite articles about The Shinto Kanamara Matsuri. The Shinto Kanamara Matsuri is held every spring and celebrates the glory of the penis. Michael Turtle was fortunate enough to attend and shares his experiences. 

Michael enlightens us on the history of the festival, businessmen reading porno's on public transport and we discuss why Japan has such a complexed relationship with sex. I highly recommend you have a read of Michael's article here

Brian Meets....(And Spends The Day In) A Gay Porn Studio

Look, what can I say. It is exactly what it says in the tin. All links, obviously, are NSFW. Except this one, which is the blog I wrote about my day in the porn studio.

When I began this podcast, I set out on a mission discuss some of the wildest / weirdest / funnest and most taboo topics. And this episode does not deliver. So much so, that it is a two parter. 

In the series finale, the wonderful Ben of Twisted XXX Media invited me up to witness a shoot in Manchester. Thankfully, I missed "Dads & Lads" but managed to catch a "Rapey" scene. Ben walks us through the life in gay porn, while Brian tried not to giggle, and discusses the trials and tribulations. From admin to straight porn stars pulling out last minute because of religious reasons, we all discuss it. 

The veteran of gay porn Ashton Bradley & the new european superstar, Kris Blent are the stars of the day's production and also talk to us about their life in porn, why they love it and share some memorable experiences. And I meant MEMORABLE. 

Part 2 is much more chilled and slightly less comfortable. I sit around with the guys and we essentially just shoot the shit. We discuss life as a porn star, the challenges, the joys and political views. 

Brian Meets....An Ex-Scientologist

We return with a truly fascinating tail. An extra long episode but it is worth it. I have always been fascinated with Scientology and Scientologists. Truth be told, I find all religion and believers fascinating. However, particularly Scientology. This topic and interviewee is something that I have been dying to do a piece on for quite some time. 

Sharone was only 6 when her family got involved in Scientology. Even then, she had a bad feeling about it all. At 10, she signed a billion year contract to join the Sea-Organization. Naturally. Sharone worked very closely with the infamous L. Ron Hubbard. She was L. Ron's personal assistant of sorts. 

Sharone joins the podcast to share her truly incredible time in Scientology, living on the Sea-Org, her relationship with L. Ron Hubbard, escaping Scientology and her subsequent life afterwards. You can read Sharone's blog here and a big shout out to Ex-Scientologists Ireland for putting me in touch. A huge thank you to Sharone for sharing her story. 

This is the second last episode in the series. The finale was a particularly memorable experience; So, I Spent the Day in a Gay Porn Studio.

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Brian Meets....An OAP Phone Sex Line Worker

Yes. This is happening. This is not a drill. 

In this week's Brian Tells Stories, I am joined by Jenny. Jenny is a 60 year old phone sex worker. A former carer who turned to phone sex at the age of 47 and has not looked back. Be sure to check out Jenny's website here. Jenny explains how she got into the industry, shares some memorable tales and explains the next step in her adult career.....

Listen as Brian desperately tries to hide how uncomfortable he is..... 

I think he fails....

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Brian Meets....Satanists


And we are back! 

I hope you all had a delicious Christmas and New Year. Back to work, back to business and back to podcasting. This week, we have a doozy. In my search for interesting topics and even more interesting people, Satanism and Satanists were always top of my list. Who wouldn't want to talk about Lucifer, blood orgies and sacrificing goats? 

But is that actually what Satanism is about? Ben & Andrea, who are members of the Church of Rational Satanism, join the show to explain what Satanism is and how they got into it. We also discuss the satanic pants and the "fuck it factor". 

Sorry, God. I will give you three hail Mary's to apologise. 

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Brian Meets....An Alien Abductee Support Group

Another week, another fascinating topic to discuss. 

Joanne of AMMACH joins the show to discuss Aliens and ET's. Joanne is the founder of AMMACH (Anomalous Mind Management Abductee Contactee Helpline). AMMACH gives support and counselling to those who believe they have had extra-terrestrial contact. 


I would LOVE to hear if you have been abducted by an alien. Get in touch! Even if you haven't been abducted, I would love to hear from you. Do you believe in Aliens? What are your thoughts on AMMACH and what Joanne is doing? 

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Brian Meets....Iceland....*SPECIAL*

Brian Tells Stories returns with a wonderful two part special. A two part ICELAND special. A two part ICELANDIC GLACIER special. How exotic. What a treat you are in for? 

In a slight change of pattern and style, I took my podcasting equipment to Iceland with me. My two buddies, Michael and Andrew joined me on the journey, so I didn't have to awkwardly talk to myself in the glacier. 

We did a fantastic tour with the amazing people of Into The Glacier and I podcasted the whole thing. Brian Tells Stories takes you on an epic journey from a Whetherspoons in Gatwick Airport to the depths of an Icelandic glacier. Part 1 is below: - 

Part two is below: 

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Brian Meets....A Vampire Hunter

John Michaelson had it all. He was making his name in London in the property game. John has money to burn and life was good, until he was attacked one night and nothing would be the same. 

John believed he was being groomed to be a vampire. And these are not the types of vampires that you stereotypically think of. These vampires run brothels, are influential in human trafficking and have been known to have bloodlet parties, where members of high society drink the blood of illegal immigrants. 


John is on a mission to stop these vampires. Honestly, I don't know what to make of John and this interview. It was tremendously interesting, but a little sad. After the interview, I was left thinking about John. And, I guess I still don't know what to make of him and what he does. You can read more about John and what he does here.

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Brian Meets....A Pick Up Artist

Hooray! We return with a brand new series and all sorts of new interesting people to meet. We begin our new series with Kezia Noble. Kezia is the world's leading female dating coach for men and the author of the number one selling book "The Noble Art of Seducing Women". Kezia was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to talk to me about her job and her industry. Is it sleezy? Is it a bit creepy? Or is it all about bettering yourself? 

I was definitely under the impression beforehand that being a Pick Up Artist was a fairly weird industry and profession. However, Kezia answered all of my questions and combatted many misconceptions. Or was I just charmed by a pick up artist? Let me know your thoughts! Leave a comment below, hit the contact form or email Brian@BrianTellsStories.com.

Check out Kezia's website here. Tell her Brian sent you. Have you been to Kezia? Can you share your experiences? 

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