Japanese Penis Festival

Brian returns earlier than expected. How fun! HOW INCREDIBLY FUN?! 

Long story short, I did all these podcasts just under a year ago for the fabulous people at World Travel Guide but the guys at WTG are going through some exciting changes, and we opted to hold off on the podcasts for a bit. Rather than allowing the current episodes gather dust, I figured I would release them to my adoring public. 

We begin with Dicks. Obviously. It is my website. Couldn't start with a story about a lovely beach or something? Nah, let's go with dicks. 

Michael Turtle of Timetravelturtle.com is one of the best travel bloggers around, funny and all round stellar dude. He wrote one of my favourite articles about The Shinto Kanamara Matsuri. The Shinto Kanamara Matsuri is held every spring and celebrates the glory of the penis. Michael Turtle was fortunate enough to attend and shares his experiences. 

Michael enlightens us on the history of the festival, businessmen reading porno's on public transport and we discuss why Japan has such a complexed relationship with sex. I highly recommend you have a read of Michael's article here

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